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"The battle of Waterloo is undoubtedly one of the most interesting events of modern times but the Duke entertains no hopes of ever seeing an account of all its details which shall be true."
Letter from Wellington, 13 April 1816.





The Waterloo Companion

Mark Adkin

Massive and detailed reference book. A must have for any sort of re-creation.

The Battle: A New History of the Battle of Waterloo

Alessandro Barbero

A very thorough, well organised account of the battle. Read this one if you only have time for one. Concentrates on the battle itself. Maps are poor.

Waterloo: The Hundred Days

David Chandler

Covers longer period of time so less detail. Good maps.

1815: The Waterloo Campaign. Volume 1:
Wellington, his German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras.

Peter Hofschroer

Hofschroer puts forward the thesis that "The German Nation" won Waterloo (by which I think he refers as much to the campaign as the battle). The German Nation did not exist as a political entity at the time and German speakers were far from united, but this view seems to be derived from his support for the Prussian cause.
In the course of advancing this, he gives a very comprehensive account of the build-up, the campaign, all four (yes, four) battles and what happened after. A little too much detail in places but these are well worth reading. He is very fair and does a good job in showing the Prussian aims were as much about expansion of their control as defeating the French. These aims gave them motivation that Wellington's army did not have.
He also argues very convincingly that Wellington lied to Bl
ϋcher and spent decades denying the important role of the Prussians and covering up these lies and his mistakes.
Many excellent maps.

1815: The Waterloo Campaign. Volume 2:
The German Victory

Peter Hofschroer

Waterloo 1815: Quatre Bras and Ligny

Peter Hofschroer

A short version of volume 1 above concentrating on the battles.

Waterloo: The French Perspective

Andrew W. Field

Account of the battle using French sources as far as possible. Highlights the fact that some of the well-established accounts may be over-simplified or even false.

Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Gamble

Andrew Roberts

A short but good account of the battle.

Waterloo, Battle of Three Armies

Ed Lord Chalfont

Three historians write from the three viewpoints. The book interleaves these accounts into a single narrative of the battle.






Waterloo 200


Body set up to commemorate Waterloo.

Project Hougoumont


A charity dedicated to raising the funds needed to restore the buildings of Hougoumont Farm.

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