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I Corps
William, Prince of Orange

The Netherlands Cavalry Division
Lt-Gen. Baron J.A. de Collaert (w)

This division was initially deployed well back in reserve behind the centre, on either side of the Brussels road close to Mont St Jean farm.
The division was heavily engaged, especially against French cavalry in the afternoon.
All brigade commanders had at one time fought for the French but performed creditably against them at Waterloo with the possible exception of Trip.

Losses were high - 1,225 (37%) with the dragoons and hussars of the 1st Light Brigade losing 49%.

Heavy Brigade
Maj-Gen. A.D. Trip

1st Dutch Carabineers (3 Sqns)
Lt-Col. L.P. Coenegracht (mw)
446 men


2nd Belgian Carabineers (3 Sqns)
Col. J.B. de Bruijn
399 men


3rd Dutch Carabineers (3 Sqns)
Lt–Col. C.M. Lechleitner (mw)
392 men


1st Light Brigade
Maj-Gen. Baron C. de Ghigny

4th Dutch Light Dragoons (4 Sqns)
Lt-Col. J .C. Renno (w)
647 men


8th Belgian Hussars (3 Sqns)
Lt-Col. Baron L.L. Davivier
439 men


2nd Light Brigade
Maj -Gen. J.B. van Merlen (k)
Note: This brigade lost about 320 at Quatre-Bras.

6th Dutch Hussars (4 Sqns)
Lt-Col. W.F. Bereel
470 men


5th Belgian Light Dragoons (3 Sqns)
Lt-Col. E.A.J.G. de Merex
271 men


Divisional Artillery

Dutch ½ HA Battery
Capt. A.A. Petter
3 x 6-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 66 men


Dutch ½ HA Bty
Capt. A.R.A. Gey van Pittius
3 x 6-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 66 men


Artillery Train
2nd Lt. Camiese
109 men

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