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Reserve Corps
Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington

e Nassau Reserve Contingent (Brigade)
Maj -Gen. A.H .E. von Kruse

A brigade-strength force that operated independently under Wellington.
The great majority of the soldiers were inexperienced but many officers were veterans.
It was initially deployed immediately behind the right centre of the Allied line and was later involved with the repulse of the French cavalry' and in the fighting to prevent the loss of La Haie Sainte.
It was not involved at Quatre-Bras.

Casualties 643 (23%), of which a high proportion were killed (40%) .

1st Nassau Brigade
Col E. von Steuben

1/1st Nassau
Maj. J. von Weyhers
951 men


2/1st Nassau
Maj. A. von Nauendorf
943 men


Nassau Landwehr
Maj. F. von Preen
947 men

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