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The Old Cholmeleians Wargames Group is a group of ex members of Highgate School who were in the Wargames Club. We were not all at Highgate at the same time.

We come together occasionally for special events.

We had an inaugural event at Highgate School on November 1st and 2nd 1999 where the Battle of Fuentes de OƱoro was re-created and the result reversed.

Two other events were
planned but didn't quite happen.

More details of these can be found on the old s
ite which was established initially as a resource for that first event. It was developed (fitfully) to continue to support the group. This new site is being built from scratch to support a new venture.

The old site can be found here.


"OCs George Cunningham (SG 1969) and Adrian Taylor (NG 1979) met while working in the same building at the European Commission in Brussels. Both serve in the external affairs branch of the Commission and have rather similar backgrounds. Both had a year as Short Service Limited Commission army officers after leaving Highgate and achieved Masters degrees at Oxford. Both passed the same external competition to join the Commission in 1993, and both are active in Tai Ji clubs.

They will be remembered for at Highgate as past Chairmen of the Highgate School Wargames Club, alas no more. In its heyday in the early-mid 70s, no less than one boy in seven was a member. Headmaster Alfred Doulton let its members have three full days off from classes every year to recreate Napoleonic battles and ten years later, the club still had over 70 members.

Adrian, George and David Rigal (SG 1969) are planning to organise a commemorative exhibition wargame at Highgate this autumn to give current boys a glimpse of the glorious past and rekindle interest. Lectures will be given on the military history, organisation, tactics and uniforms of the period.

You can contact the group by using the email form below.

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