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HG Wells - Little Wars

In 1913 H.G. Wells published "Little Wars" which recorded his own use of metal figures and spring loaded cannon and gave the simple rules which he had developed. He indicated how it might be developed including hidden movement and subordinate commanders.

He ends the book on a pacifist note:
"How much better is this amiable miniature than the Real Thing! ....
My game is just as good as their game, and saner by reason of its size. ...
Great War is at present, I am convinced, not only the most expensive game in the universe, but it is a game out of all proportion. Not only are the masses of men and material and suffering and inconvenience too monstrously big - but the available heads we have for it, are too small. That I think, is the most pacific realization conceivable, and Little War brings you to it as nothing else but Great War can do."

How right he was to be proved a year later.

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