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Waterloo 200 Highgate 450

Waterloo at Highgate

2015 is the 450th anniversary of the founding of Highgate School. It is also the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815).

The group has discussed with the school mounting a display of the Battle. The current proposal is that it will be in Dyne House, probably in February to suit the school. We have been able to arrange to borrow an award-winning battlefield model and will be populating that with our own figures.

The intention is that the display will show key stages of the battle in different areas of the terrain model. This is slightly tricky as there is some overlap. The initial suggested list is:

1. Attack on Hougoumont (west, fairly self-contained)
2. D'Erlon's Advance thrown back (La Haye Sainte and to the east)
3. Cavalry Charges (between Hougomont and
La Haye Sainte)
4. Arrival of the Prussians (Planchenoit and to the east)
5. Fall of La Haye Sainte
(La Haye Sainte)
6. Defeat of the French Guard (between Hougomont and La Haye Sainte)

There will be a series of presentations to various classes and groups in the school.

This website is intended to support the planning of this but also to provide background material and references for those interested in finding out more than can be covered during the presentations.

Important note:

While this website is obviously visible to the whole world, events at Highgate School are private.

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