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Reserve Corps
Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington

The Brunswick Contingent (Division)
Acting GOC Col Olfermann

This force was formed by the 'Black' Duke of Brunswick and wore black uniforms, hence the nickname, "Black Brunswickers".
It was a mixed force of 8 battalions of infantry, 5 squadrons of cavalry plus 16 guns. The men were mostly recruits.
Part of Wellington's reserve. They were heavily engaged at Quatre-Bras with losses of 846, including the Duke of Brunswick who was killed.
They were initially deployed in reserve at Waterloo about half a mile behind the right/ centre, close to the hamlet of Merbraine.
Later, battalions were moved to the front line. All were involved in resisting French cavalry attacks and the Hussars were used in counterattacks.

Losses at Waterloo 600 (10%).

Avantgarde Battalion (Vanguard Jaeger / Lt Inf.)
Maj. von Rauschenplat
635 men


Light Brigade
Lt-Col. von Buttlar

Lieb (Life) (Lt Inf.)
Maj. von Pröstler
565 men


1st Brunswick Light
Maj. von Holstein
688 men


2nd Brunswick Light
Maj. von Brandenstein
621 men


3rd Brunswick Light
Maj. Ebeling
691 men


Line Brigade
Lt-Col von Specht

1st Brunswick Line
Maj. Metzner
586 men


2nd Brunswick Line
Maj. von Strombeck
500 men


3rd Brunswick Line
Maj. von Normann
667 men



2nd Brunswick Hussars (4 sqns)
Maj. von Cramm (k at Quatre-Bras)
684 men


Brunswick Uhlans (Lancers) (1 sqn)
Maj. Pott
235 men


Divisional Artillery
Maj. Mahn

Brunswick HA
Capt. von Heinemann
8 x 6-pdrs, 167 men


Brunswick FA
Maj. Moll
8 x 6-pdrs, 205 men

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