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Reserve Corps
Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington

6th British Infantry Division
Lt-Gen. Sir Lowry Cole (not present at Waterloo)

This was a mixed division of only two brigades, one British and one Hanoverian Landwehr (militia). Initially it was split, with 4th Hanover Brigade attached to the 5th Division until Lambert's brigade arrived.
All battalions were well up to strength as 10th Brigade was not engaged at Quatre -Bras.
The Division formed part of Wellington's Reserve Corps. The British battalions were just returned from America. 1/4th had only 4 captains.
4th Hanoverian Brigade deployed with the 5th Division on left centre of position. Lambert's 10th British. Brigade arrived at 10.30 a.m. and was initially held in
reserve near Mont St Jean.
Lambert assumed command of the division in the absence of Cole on his honeymoon. His brigade had marched 50 miles from Ghent. During the afternoon the 1/27th were pounded to pieces near the crossroads with sergeants commanding companys after 66% loss.

Casualties at Waterloo 1,325 (25%).

10th British Brigade
Maj-Gen. Sir John Lambert (acting Div. Comd. on arrival)
The 2/81st was left in Brussels.

1/4th (Kings Own)
Lt-Col. F. Brooke
677 men


1/27th (Enniskillen)
Capt. J. Hare (w)
750 men


1/40th Foot
Maj. A.R. Hayland (k)
862 men


4th Hanover Brigade
Col. C. Best
(This brigade was initially attached to 5th Division until arrival of Lambert's brigade)

Verden Landwehr
Maj. de Decken
642 men


Lϋneberg Landwehr
Lt-Col. de Ramdohr
647 men


Munden Landwehr
Maj. de Schmidt
680 men


Osterode Landwehr
Maj. Baron Reden (w)
700 men


Divisional Artillery
Lt-Col. Bruckmann

Field Artillery
Capt. J. Sinclair RFA
5 x 9-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 200 men

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