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Reserve Corps
Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington

The 5th British Infantry Division
Lt-Gen. Sir Thomas Picton (k)

This division was a mixed British / Hanoverian formation, the British brigades of which had been heavily engaged at Quatre-Bras.
It formed part of Wellington's Reserve Corps. It marched from Brussels to Quatre-Bras on the 16th where it lost the equivalent of two battalions.
Picton was wounded at Quatre -Bras and killed at Waterloo. Kempt assumed command.
Deployed on the left and centre of the Allied line and suffered heavily from the fire of the French 'Grand Battery'. They faced d'Erlon's attack at 2.00 p.m.
Picton was shot dead after ordering a bayonet charge.
The division was spread thinly over nearly a mile of front along and behind the ridge.
Initially Picton had Best's brigade of Hanoverians attached as the other brigade of 6th Division was late arriving.

The division lost 2,943 (43%) at Waterloo.

8th British Brigade
Maj-Gen. Sir James Kempt (w)

28th Foot
Lt-Col. Sir Charles Belson
557 men


32nd Foot
Maj. J. Hicks
503 men


79th (Cameron Highlanders)
Lt-Col. N. Douglas (w)
445 men
Kilted highlanders


95th Rifles (6 coys)
Lt-Col. Sir Andrew Barnard (w)
418 men


9th British Brigade
Maj-Gen. Sir Denis Pack (w)

3/1st (Royal Scots)
Maj. C. Campbell (w)
453 men


42nd (Black Watch)
Maj. R.H. Dick (w)
338 men
Kilted highlanders


2/44th Foot
Lt-Col. J.M. Hammerton (w)
494 men


92nd (Gordon Highlanders)
Maj. D. Macdonald
412 men
Kilted highlanders


5th Hanoverian Brigade
Col. von Vincke

Gifhorn Landwehr
Maj. G. von Hammerstein (k)
640 men


Hameln Landwehr
Maj. von Strube (w)
689 men


Hildesheim Landwehr
Maj. von Rheden (w)
640 men


Peine Landwehr
Maj. Westphalen
635 men


Divisional Artillery
Maj. A. Heisse

Field Artillery
Maj. T. Rogers RFA
5 x 9-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 263 men


Field Artillery
Capt. Braun Han. FA (w)
5 x 6-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 237 men

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