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I Corps
William, Prince of Orange

The 3rd Netherlands Infantry Division
Lt-Gen. Baron David-Hendrik Chassé

This was a mixed Dutch-Belgian formation with the Dutch units predominating (9 out of 12 battalions).
There were initially some doubts as to the quality and commitment of these troopsas it was an inexperienced formation with 50% of its units being militia.
When it was called upon to fight late on in the battle, the 1st Brigade performed satisfactorily.
Because of the uncertainty about its quality, this division was posted on the extreme west of the Allied line around the village of Braine l'Alleud. It remained in reserve for much of the day.
In the evening the division moved behind the right centre of the line and was committed to the action to repulse the final Imperial Guard attack. The 1st Brigade charged the Grenadiers of the Middle Guard.

Losses 743 (10%)

1st Brigade
Col. H. Detmers

35th Belgian Jaeger
Col. D.P.J. Arnold
605 men


2nd Dutch Line
Lt-Col. J. Speelman
471 men


4th Dutch Militia
Col. R. van Heeckeren van Molencate
519 men


6th Dutch Militia
Lt-Col. A. van Thielen (k)
492 men


17th Dutch Militia
Lt-Col. N. van Molz Wieling
534 men


19th Dutch Militia
Maj. H . Boellaerdt
467 men


Brigade Artillery

Belgian HA
Capt. C.F. Krahmer de Bichin
6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5-in. howitzers, 123 men
Artillery Train
Lt. Zeist
87 men


2nd Brigade
Maj-Gen. A.K.J.G. d'Aubreme

36th Belgian Jaeger
Col. C. Goethals
633 men


3rd Belgian Line
Lt-Col. E.P. I'Honneux (w)
629 men


12th Dutch Line
Col. D.O. Bagelaar
431 men


13th Dutch Line
Lt-Col. E.N.L. Aberson
664 men


3rd Dutch Militia
Lt-Col. F.E. Baron van Lawick van Pabst
592 men


10th Dutch Militia
Lt-Col. G.F. Brade
632 men


Brigade Artillery

Belgian FA
Capt. J.J. Lux
6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5-in. howitzers, 121 men
Artillery Train
Lt. Kikkert
146 men

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