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I Corps
William, Prince of Orange

The 3rd British Infantry Division
Lt-Gen. Charles, Count Alten

With thirteen and a half battalions plus twelve guns it was the strongest British division at the start of the battle.
It was deployed on the right/centre of Wellington's line after a 30-mile march via Quatre-Bras. It spent much of the battle in squares resisting cavalry attacks and suffered severely from artillery fire.
The 5th Line (KGL) suffered losses of 93% after being ordered to retake La Haye Sainte after it was taken by the French They were caught in the wrong formation by cuirassiers.
The 1st Hanoverian Brigade lost 1,532 men, of whom 45% were missing.

Casualties at Waterloo were about 3,725 (47%).
Three out of four unit commanders in the brigade were killed or wounded at either Quatre-Bras or Waterloo.
The 2/69th lost their King's Colour at Quatre-Bras.

5th British Brigade
Maj-Gen. Sir Colin Halkett (w)

2/30th Foot
Lt-Col. (Maj.) M.W. Bailey (w)
635 men


33rd Foot
Lt-Col. W.K. Elphinstone
576 men


2/69th Foot
Maj. G. Muttlebury
565 men


2/73rd Foot
Lt-Col. W.G. Harris (w)
498 men


2nd KGL Brigade
Col. Baron Ompteda (k)

1st Light Infantry
Lt-Col. L. Bussche
519 men


2nd Light Infantry
Maj. G. Baring
403 men


5th Line Infantry
Lt-Col. W.B. Linsingen
529 men


8th Line Infantry
Maj. Schroeder
636 men


1st Hanoverian Brigade
Maj-Gen. Count Kielmannsegge (w)


Duke of York's 1st Field (Onsnabrϋck)
Maj. Baron Bϋlow (w)
632 men

Grubenhagen Field (Light)
Lt-Col. Wurmb
643 men

Bremen Field
Lt -Col. Langrehr (k)
533 men

Verden Field
Maj. De Schkopp (w)
559 men

Lϋneburg Field (Light)
Lt-Col. Klencke (w)
617 men

Field Jaeger (2 coys)
Capt. von Reden (w)
331 men


Divisional Artillery
Lt-Col. J.S. Williamson

Field Artillery Battery
Maj. W. Lloyd RFA (mw)
5 x 9-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 200 men


1st Foot Battery KGL
Capt. A. C!eeves
5 x 9-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 215 men

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