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I Corps
William, Prince of Orange

The 2nd Netherlands Infantry Division
Lt-Gen. Baron Henri-Georges Perponcher-Sedlnitzky

A division with three languages - French, Dutch and German.
It was the first Allied formation deployed at Quatre-Bras and bore the brunt of Marshall Ney's initial assaults, holding the line until more troops arrived. Losses were around 1,100 on the 16th.
The division was split with the 1st Brigade on the left centre, initially in a line in front of Picton's division with the 2nd on the east (left) defending Papelotte and La Haye. The 1/2nd Nassau was sent to Hougoumont.
1st Brigade was almost entirely Dutch with 2nd Brigade all German (Nassau) except for the artillery. 2nd Nassau battalions had nearly 900 all ranks.

Casualties at Waterloo amounted to just over 2000 (24%), with the 1st Brigade sustaining twice those of the 2nd Brigade.

1st Brigade
Maj-Gen. W.F. Graf van Bijlandt (w)

27th Dutch Jaeger
Lt-Col. J.W. Grunebosch
550 men


7th Belgian Line
Lt-Col. F.C. Vandensande (w)
701 men


5th Dutch Militia
Lt-Col. J .J. Weslenberg (w)
220 men


7th Dutch Militia
Lt-Col. H . Singendonck (w)
675 men


8th Dutch Militia
Lt -Col. W.A. de Jongh (w)
566 men


Brigade Artillery

Dutch HA
Capt. A. Bijleveld
6 x 6-pdrs, 2 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 107 men
Artillery Train
Lieut van de Hoeven
112 men


2nd Brigade
Maj -Gen. H.S.H. Prince Bernard of Saxe-Weimar


2nd Nassau Regiment
Maj. F. Sattler

1/2nd Nassau
Capt. B
889 men

2/2nd Nassau
Maj. P. von Normann
885 men

3/2nd Nassau
Maj. G. Hegmann (mw)
899 men

28th Orange/Nassau
Col. the Duke of Saxe-Weimar

1/28th Orange/Nassau
Lt-Col. W.F. von Dressel
893 men

2/28th Orange/Nassau
Maj. P. Schleyer
688 men

Nassau Jaeger
Capt. E. Bergmann
177 men


Brigade Artillery

Belgian FA
Capt. E.J. Stievenart (Killed at Quatre-Bras)
2 x 6-pdrs, 119 men
(Battery overrun at Quatre-Bras.)
Artillery Train
Lt. van Gahlen
139 men

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