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I Corps
William, Prince of Orange

1st British Infantry Division (Guards)
Major General George Cooke

The Guards division was not mixed. Commanders, staff and troops were all guardsmen. It was the only British Division commanded by a Major-General.
With four battalions plus twelve guns it was the smallest British Division although the battalions were initially 1000 strong, almost twice the strength of other British units.

They were deployed on the right of Wellington's line, close to Hougoumont.

The 2nd Brigade and Light Coys of 1st Brigade were committed to the defence of Hougoumont.
The 1st Brigade involved in the repulse of the Imperial Guard attack around 7.30 p.m. for which the 1st Foot Guards were given the title 'Grenadiers', although they repulsed the Chasseurs of the Middle Guard, not the Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard.

Casualties at Waterloo were about 1,350 (30%).

1st British Brigade
Maj-Gen P. Maitland


2nd Battalion / 1st Foot Guards
Maj H. Askew
781 men


3rd Battalion / 1st Foot Guards
Maj. Hon. W. Steward (w)
847 men


2nd British Brigade
Maj-Gen. Sir John Byng

2nd Coldstream Guards
Maj. A.G. Woodford
1,098 men


2nd Battalion / 3rd Foot Guards
Maj. F. Hepburn
1,100 men


Divisional Artillery
Lt-Col. S.G. Adye

Field artillery battery
Capt. C.F. Sandham RFA
5 x 9-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 215 men


2nd HA KGL
Maj. Kuhlmann
5 x 9-pdrs, 1 x 5.5-in. howitzer, 225 men

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